It’s upgraded product on the basis of TD75 and DX series,which is divided into light-duty,medium-duty and hea
The DG tubular/pipe belt conveyor is a new type of conveying equipment for bulk material researched and develo
DSJ telescoping belt conveyor is mainly used for gate road transportation on underground comprehensive mining,
Bucket elevator has such salient advantages of large conveying capacity,high elevation height,stable and relia
EP conveyor belt is suitable for conveying high-load materials in medium&long distance at high speed.
Steel cord conveyor belt with higher strength,which is suitable for the application of long distance conveying
PVC conveyor belt is made by plasticizing PVC materials with excellent antistatic and flame resistant property.
Flexible spring grid couplings is an embodiment of high-torque of gear coupling and flexibility of flexible co
About Us
  • Heavy Industries

    Anhui Pandeng Industries Joint Stock Co.,Ltd is established since 1984’s, which is famous enterprise in China, and one of top 10 China belt conveyor supplier. It mainly produce : Belt Conveyor, Plane Bend Belt Conveyor, Pipe/Tubular Belt Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Chain Conveyor, En masse conveyor, Screw Conveyor, Various Idler and Idler Roller.

  • Ounai Rubber & Plastic

    Anhui Ounai Rubber&Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd established since 2009, which belongs to Anhui Pandeng Group. It has workers 500 staffs, among them more than 60 engineer and technical person.Annual production ability is 20million square meters, max.belt width is 2600mm.Factory has past ISO9001:2008 certificate.

  • Ounai Transmission

    Anhui Ounai Transmission Technology Co.,Ltd belongs to Anhui Pandeng Group, it mainly research,produce various kinds of Fluid transmission device, such as Fluid Coupling,Grid Coupling, Jaw Coupling,Backstop clutch, etc. We have served many big enterprises, such as APP, ShenHua coal Group, Coach Group, SINO PEC etc.

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