Plane bend belt conveyor

Plane bend belt conveyor

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Features Parameters

   The plane bend belt conveyor is a special belt conveyor which uses flat conveyor belt to realize plane bending, it can also form space bending by performing vertical bending on convex and concave curved segment along with plane bending. It makes the conveyor produce an outward centrifugal thrust during operation to overcome the centripetal composite force of conveyor belt tension resulted from bending by taking certain special measures, thus ensuring the bend running of conveyor belt. This plane bend belt conveyor can realize the natural direction change of conveyor belt without the need of special conveyor belt with special structure.

   The use of plane bend belt conveyor can realize the transportation line which cannot be realized on the original conveyor, or make the transportation channel greatly simplified which is very complicated to be realized with conventional rubber belt conveyor, thus lowering the investment for transfer station, reducing pollution points and equipment trouble points, and decreasing maintenance and operation personnel, etc. It can be widely used in fields as of coal, metallurgy, building materials, grains, chemical engineering, electric power, harbor, etc., and has very high social benefit and economic benefit.

    This series conveyor has same belt width and conveying capacity with DTII (DTIIA) model, the main component specifications are interchangeable with each other, at present, the rubber belt conveyor designed and manufactured by our company has a structure of multiple S-shaped bend with maximum bending angle up to 30° and minimum bending radius of 350m, such product has received favorable comments from the customers.

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